Custom Made is the most recent and cutting edge project from HempAware.

We are thoroughly pleased to bring you the world's finest custom tailored hemp suits. We are sincerely on a mission to bring you the most fashionable, custom made, hemp clothing and accessories to make you look and feel your best! Our team is composed of enthusiastic, masterful, and inspired people with a collective experience of over 5o years.

Knowing that we are working with hemp as our foundational material as well as organic cotton and other sustainable textiles, we feel honored and blessed to be providing the highest quality, earth-friendly, sustainable, biodegradable materials for your custom clothing. We've made our order process easy and enjoyable.

We know you care about quality and while honoring our precious Earth. By offering you the world's most leading edge designs, and materials we are helping you upgrade your lifestyle and image.

Discover the Team!

A creative, hempowering, bunch!