Our vision is to Revolutionize the way Entrepreneurs and Conscious Consumers are Perceived in the World ~ with Custom Hemp Suits!

More than ever, it's crucial to protect yourself from all of the harmful chemicals and pollutants. It's essential for you to look and feel amazing. What better of a way to do that than with custom hemp suits. If you want to make a powerful impact in your sphere, wearing custom hemp suits and organic fibers is an essential key to your success. We are so inspired and enthusiastic to adorn you in hemppen garb!

Why Custom Hemp Suits?

There are many ways that a company can create impact in the world. We feel that working with you on a personal level allows us to thoroughly inspire you to fulfill your highest dreams and visions for yourself and your community. Producing custom hemp suits is our way of spreading awareness about the benefits and value of using this sustainable, earth-friendly material. You've heard the expression that making a good first impression is powerful and very important. Whether you are going for an interview, meeting with a new client or prospect or going to your wedding - wearing hemp fibers - custom tailored to your fit - is a massive way to create a paradigm shift on the planet.

We want to live the BEST LIFE EVER.

What you wear has a direct effect on your consciousness. Yes, there are other crucial aspects of your daily life that shape and mold your consciousness. What you eat, what you drink, what you breathe, and especially how you think and choose to feel all mold and shape your reality. In order to focus our energy and expertise, we have chosen to uplift and inspire you through providing our custom hemp suits and clothing!
Tyler Hemp | Custom Hemp Suits

Tyler Hoff

The Hemptrepreneur

Tyler has been hempowering the planet for over 15 years. He's fully committed to discovering the visions and dreams of his relations to help bring them to fruition with the utilization of hemp! He believes that we must exhemplify the change we want to see in the world.

Dodhi Hemp | Product Designer/Developer -  Custom Hemp Suits

Dodee Schimtt

Product Designer/Developer

Dodee enjoys offering her intuitive and creative design skills to every project and creation she's a part of. Her sense of quality, integrity, and beauty, is an essential ingredient that she offers to the Custom Made Hemp Goods!

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